Daniel is a pioneer in bridging the worlds of traditional astrology with the therapeutic and spiritual journey.

He currently serves people in these main areas:

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Evolving The Exceptional Masculine

Evolving the masculine describes the journey of healing the wounded aspects of the masculine while stretching into more expansive, emotionally connected, creative and healing expressions of our true masculinity.

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Reclaiming the Sacred Feminine

The rejection of the sacred feminine, her wisdom, intelligence and power has been one of the most trauma creating issues in the history of our civilisation, contributing to the collective environmental, social and political imbalances in our world.

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Soul Purposes, Longings and Manifestation

One of the many gifts of astrology is its ability to identify the core soul purposes we bring into this life.

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The Sacred Marriage

The Sacred Marriage is our inner masculine and feminine coming into an ecstatic union of individual wholeness and, is also a vision of the highest expression of human relationship, embodied in the Shiva Shakti traditions of India.

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What’s Happening Next!

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The Sacred Marriage India Tour & Retreat

A 16 Day Tour & Retreat with Daniel Sowelu & Chandu Bickford. 

This tour and retreat is an opportunity to go into the heart of Indian culture to explore inwardly and outwardly the Shiva Shakti traditions of India as reflections of the different faces, the power and the joy of the sacred masculine and feminine within each of us. This is a particularly auspicious time to be in India to honour the sacred feminine as the tour coincides with Navratri, the 9 day festival to the goddess that happens once a year in this part of the country.

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Cycles of Shakti – Intensive Focus Reading

This is a unique, specialist astrological reading for anyone who is committed to the paths of deep spirituality, transformation, tantra, Shiva Shakti and reclamation of the sacred feminine.

What is generally not known, even in contemporary astrology, is that many of the archetypes at the core of the Shakti goddesses and the Shiva Shakti traditions are present in our birthcharts, especially charts specifically prepared to explore the evolution of our tantric and relational transformation processes.

New Offerings

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    Chiron Meditation

    $20.00 $15.00
  • Sale! DanielSowelu.com kali-100kb-255x170 Home

    Kali Meditation

    $20.00 $15.00
  • DanielSowelu.com Daniel-Sowelu-Annual-Astrology-Readings-255x170 Home

    Lifecycles – Transits and Progressions

    $360.00 2 hours
  • DanielSowelu.com rose-255x170 Home

    Reclaim Your Shakti Series: One on One Individual Coaching & Support – 6 Sessions

    $1,200.00 75 minutes