Certificate In Experiential And Therapeutic Astrology


Certificate in Experiential and Therapeutic Astrology


A profound and deeply intimate enquiry into the multi-dimensional aspects of self with Daniel Sowelu and guest practitioners.


The only current experiential astrology training is now running in Sydney and will finish in June 2019. However, Daniel invites expressions of interest from people from overseas wishing to bring this unique and powerful work to their own country, particularly those from the US, Europe and the UK.

This is a unique opportunity to develop an extraordinary tool with the guidance of someone who has been working as an astrologer and a therapist for over 30 years, developing this particular technique for the past 26 of those.

Using an astrological medicine wheel you learn to access a powerful, organic, spiritual and therapeutic tool for healing, reconnection and illumination.

  • Experiential Astrology is an ancient and powerful technique that allows a person to:communicate directly with their own unconscious in all its wisdom and mystery;
  • reconnect with lost or wounded parts of themselves;
  • simultaneously access the healing and transformative energies at the heart of our deepest self. 
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“Daniel Sowelu is a wizard of the heart and soul, a pioneer of a new and ancient form of experiential astrology that can transform all those who open to it!” ~ Andrew Harvey, mystic scholar and author of 37 books


An Overview Of Experiential Astrology


What You’ll Discover 


1) Deep work on your own inner healing

Any truly professional training demands that practitioners have done significant work on themselves, know their issues well enough to recognise them during the therapeutic encounter and are aware of the potential for transference and counter-transference problems with their clients. 

In this training program, you will come to understand the Wounder Healer, one of the archetypes ruling experiential astrology who’s primary teaching is that our healing potentials are greatest in those areas we are most wounded, and these are only fully available to us when we have dived into, and through, our own wounding. 

By developing an intimate relationship with the parts of self represented by the planets, asteroids and signs in astrology, you will be able to emotionally and energetically hold a deeper space for your own self enquiry and healing and that of your clients. 


2) Developing multi-dimensional therapeutic and intuitive skills

Experiential astrology works extremely well with a wide variety of modern therapeutic practices. The nature of the astrological medicine wheel allows it to provide a powerful archetypal container for many forms of healing. 

This training program includes the experience and development of skills in voice dialogue, psychodrama, primal therapy, pre-natal and past-life regression, passive and active meditations, goddess reclamation work, the sacred marriage and from the Shiva Shakti traditions and in inner child work. 


3) Foundation building for a creative and unique private practice

Daniel developed this unique and eclectic system from the experience of his own therapeutic and spiritual journey, combined with his therapeutic training. Consequently this training provides the foundations for participants to develop their own unique versions of the work, consolidating these foundations with a sound professional basis that encourages individual creativity and innovation. This includes a focus on personal and professional boundaries, contracting, money matters, safety issues.


What people are saying about Daniel’s Training Program

“Daniel’s training transformed my life. It helped me to let go and trust in life and myself. The experience was cathartic and took me deep within, peeling back many layers of guilt, shame and pain. It healed some of my deepest wounds and moved me into a space of self acceptance and love. Daniel has a presence where you feel safe, supported and validated. He is pioneering an amazing journey into the self.” 

~ Tracey Sanzone,  Counsellor and Therapeutic Healer

“I can truly say that participating in the Experiential Astrology Training was the most healing and transformative journey of my life. The breadth and depth of Daniel’s astrological and psychospiritual knowledge and wisdom provided a profoundly sacred and safe container in that enabled me to explore and open to a much deeper level of understanding of self and others. I feel deeply grateful to have had the experience of working with a healer and teacher who walks the path of the wounded healer with such integrity, heart and compassion, and being able to work as a practitioner of Experiential Astrologer is such a gift.” 

~ Dilara, Western Australia

Training Course Structure

The training is divided into two interrelated pathways; the Professional Accreditation pathway and the Personal Development pathway.

  • The Professional Accreditation pathway includes 24 days of in-person workshops, in 6 blocks of 4 days over an 18 month period with Daniel and his team, 15 evening group sessions, 15 group skype sessions with Daniel, monthly triad peer support gatherings and monthly practice with models. Each participant also gets 15 one on one therapy/supervision session with Daniel.
  • The Personal Development pathway includes 12 days of workshops, 15 evening group sessions, monthly buddy sessions and optional 15 individual sessions with Daniel.

12 days of workshops in both groups will also be open to the general public, so that professional students get exposure to Daniel, his colleagues and interns working with a wide range of individuals.

Distance Students

Students who live outside of the city of delivery for the workshops (Sydney metropolitan area for the 2018-2019 training) will be able to use Skype for their triad or buddy sessions, and if unable to make monthly evening sessions, alternative arrangements can be made with Daniel.

Interstate and international students will be required to make the six four day workshop intensives, unless otherwise negotiated with Daniel

In the course of the 18 months, participants will get to work directly with all of the 27 different planets, asteroids and nodes that Daniel includes in his charts.

There is a total of 282 hours of contact time in the professional stream plus buddy or triad work and practice with models. Personal development participants will have 190 hours of contact time plus buddy meetings.

The workshop schedule is different each year depending on the current astrological climate.  The first intensive will be in February with the subsequent ones every three months. Dates will be posted by June 1st.

As an example of the modules that will be covered in the training program, below is the 2014 Perth schedule. 

Modules To Be Explored

(This is the Perth 2014 program as an example of modules to be covered in the training)

  • The Great Healers: Chiron and Hygeia
  • Speaking to the Gods: Voice Dialogue and Experiential Astrology
  • Sexuality, Transformation and the Sacred Feminine: Persephone & Medusa
  • Moon Child and the Great Mother: Moon, Neptune & Ceres
  • The Cycles of Jupiter and Saturn: Grace and Self-effort
  • Astrodrama, Role Play and Archetypal Therapy (with guest facilitator Cloudia Defrenne)
  • Shiva Warrior and the Future Priestess: Shiva, Mars, Vesta & Hekate
  • The Healing Marriage: Juno, Venus & Psyche
  • Conception to Birth: Revisiting the In-Utero Journey
  • Primal Pluto & the Black Moon
  • Past-life Magic and Future Soul Visions: Uranus & Nodes of the Moon
  • Dancing with Kali! Black Moon, Durga & Lilith
Triad Peer Support System

Each professional participant will have 2 partners for the duration of the program. Your group of 3 will meet regularly in between formal sessions for ongoing support, practicing skills and completing set tasks.

Personal development students will be paired with a buddy for similar reasons for the duration of the course.

Monthly Evening Group Sessions (15)

These sessions are for both professional and personal development streams and will be for working progressively through the major and some of the minor archetypes in the birth chart, starting with the planets and nodes, then the four major goddess asteroids, the great healer and Shiva Shakti trilogies, the sacred marriage couples and the dark goddesses.

Each session will involve some teaching followed by group wheel work on each archetype, either with Daniel or senior graduates from past trainings.

Distance Students will have a monthly group skype version.

Monthly Group Skype Sessions (15) With Daniel

Predominantly teaching sessions, these also serve as group supervision, question and answer and feedback opportunities for professional stream participants.

Individual One On One Sessions With Daniel

Each professional and personal development participant gets access to 15 live sessions with Daniel, mostly skype sessions which can include individual therapy and counselling, wheel work and/or professional supervision. These are optional for the personal development people but highly recommended.

Home Practice

All participants will be swapping sessions with their buddies on a monthly basis, taking each other into the wheel.

The professional students will be expected to work with 20 individual models over the 18 months, plus take one model through a 10 session process, all of which is part of their assessment.

Make Your Own Cards!

Doing your own images and symbols for the signs of the zodiac, planets and asteroids is an alchemical process of its own and highly recommended!

“One of the gifts of experiential astrology is its ability to bridge the worlds of traditional astrology, therapy and spirituality. It provides the alchemical container for significant life transitions and initiations, enhancing the use of psycho-spiritual techniques like meditation and visualisations, of ritual and ceremony, working directly with the chakra system and with individual life cycles.” ~ Daniel Sowelu 


​The experiential astrology training is accredited with the International Institute of Complementary Therapies, the only such accreditation currently available on the planet.
As well is being a recognised professional qualification, it also gives graduates immediate membership of the Institute and access to professional indemnity and public liability insurance.

Participants can select whether to complete either the professional Practitioners Certificate or the Certificate of Participation. Both require attendance at the workshops and evening group sessions


Generally individuals will need some experience in the therapeutic and/or spiritual journey. 

Professional students will be required to have attended at least 6 days of experiential astrology workshops with either Daniel or any of the following senior graduates before the beginning of the training.

Sydney: Sabrina Domenosky www.rewildingforwomen.com
Melbourne: Chris Stewart www.awakenedliving.com.au
Perth: Dilara Mcrae [email protected] OR Tracey Sanzone [email protected] OR Vivien Beere [email protected]
Brisbane: Bec Stewart [email protected]

Both professional and personal development students who have no background or experience in astrology will be required to have completed Daniel’s The Sacred Map: Fundamentals of Astrology 12 week course.

Course Inclusions

​Once committed, participants will also receive​:

  • a professional manual and workbook
  • a laminated copy of the astrological medicine wheel
  • ​free access to Daniel’s entire collection of recorded seminars
  • ​50% off the cost of any of his workshops anywhere in Australia and overseas (excluding tours and retreats) for the duration of the program and 12 months after its completion.​
    ​graduates of the program can go onto become interns for more advanced training and, for selected individuals, become trainers in Experiential Astrology

2018-2019 Training: Sydney Region

Intensive Dates: 

  • Professional Stream Friday to Monday February 16-19th, May 25-28, August 17-20, November 23-26th
  • ​Personal Development Stream workshops: The Saturday and Sunday of the above weekends (which will also be available to the general public.)

2019 Dates to be announced (February and May)


  • Full Professional Training $13,500 AUD plus GST
  • Personal Development Stream with individual sessions $10,000 AUD plus GST
  • Personal Development Stream without individual sessions $7300 AUD plus GST

Flexible payment plans are available and depending on the group size, concessions and scholarships will become available.

If this training resonates with you but the cost is out of your reach, Daniel encourages you to get in contact as there is the possibility that scholarships to help fund the cost of training may become available to suitable candidates.