About Experiential Astrology


About Experiential Astrology


Experiential astrology is an ancient ritual technique used in conjunction with modern therapeutic practices, and Daniel is one of the few practitioners who trains people in this technique.   

It is a gentle and powerful technique that allows a person to:

  • communicate directly with their own unconscious in all its wisdom and mystery;
  • reconnect with lost or wounded parts of themselves;
  • simultaneously access the healing and transformative energies at the heart of our deepest self. 

How Does It Work?

As a type of astrological medicine wheel, it relies on a system of images representing the signs of the zodiac, the planets and asteroids, laid out in a circle on the floor to represent the client’s astrology chart. 

This circle becomes a sacred space, a container for healing and initiation, a vessel for connection and transformation, and a visual representation of the human psyche. 

The client enters the circle and is guided by the practitioner and the client’s own reactions to the different symbols. 

This process allows the client to identify which parts require attention, reconnection, cleansing or healing. 

The healing can take place either spontaneously within the client in response to what is uncovered or with the assistance of specific techniques drawn from the practitioner’s experience in a wide range of therapeutic and spiritual systems.

Experiential astrologer is a powerful tool as it allows the client and practitioner to target specific issues, through the brilliance of astrology’s symbolism as a diagnostic tool in conjunction with the experiential techniques.

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Why Does It Work? 

The process is under-pinned by archetypal potency of a 5000 year old system and yet does not require a person to have any astrological knowledge to gain benefit. 

It differs enormously from traditional astrology because it is totally experiential, non-intellectually based and is not mediated by the astrologer. What emerges is a natural and spontaneous, illuminating and highly therapeutic experience.

It is an extremely flexible, mobile and multi-dimensional tool that can be used for both individual and group therapy, for couples work, in ritual and ceremony, in the session room and in nature. 

It combines brilliantly with techniques from voice dialogue and psychodrama, and opens a space for emotional release and primal work when the client is ready and needing to go there.


Will It Work For Everyone?

Any individual with an open mind and the ability to feel can benefit from the healing dimensions of experiential astrology.


What Practitioners Would Benefit From Training In Experiential Astrology?

  • Professional and amateur astrologers who wish to develop tools to allow them to work directly with their clients on their issues, challenges and gifts.
  • Counsellors, psychologists, therapists or healers wanting to expand their tool kit with a practice that has its own inbuilt healing and spiritual power.
  • Any individual who wants to be able to provide a deeper emotional and spiritual holding space for their loved ones, clients and employees, including parents, care givers and service providers.
  • Practitioners of sacred activism, tantra, god/goddess and kundalini traditions.

The practitioner’s role is to listen to the clues provided by the client’s reactions and responses, tune into the appropriate techniques to assist where the client’s own system is going and to provide the container and safety for the client to go more deeply into their own process. 

It requires much subtle and intuitive awareness, knowledge and experience in a wide range of therapeutic practices and the ability to trust the natural healing energies of the unconscious.

“I can truly say that participating in the Experiential Astrology Training was the most healing and transformative journey of my life. The breadth and depth of Daniel’s astrological and psychospiritual knowledge and wisdom provided a profoundly sacred and safe container in that enabled me to explore and open to a much deeper level of understanding of self and others. I feel deeply grateful to have had the experience of working with a healer and teacher who walks the path of the wounded healer with such integrity, heart and compassion, and being able to work as a practitioner of Experiential Astrologer is such a gift.” ~ Dilara, Western Australia 


Experiential And Therapeutic Astrology Training Opportunity

Daniel will be offering the only professional training in experiential astrology available on the planet. Read more about this unique training opportunity.

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