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  • Daniel-Sowelu-Astrology-Readings-255x170 Shop

    Sacred Life Mapping

    $360.00 2 hours
  • Daniel-Sowelu-Annual-Astrology-Readings-255x170 Shop

    Lifecycles – Transits and Progressions

    $360.00 2 hours
  • sunset-cover-255x170 Shop

    Soul Purpose Readings

    $360.00 2 hours
  • zen-garden-255x170 Shop

    The Healing Journey

    $360.00 2 hours
  • mystical-make-up-255x170 Shop

    Career & Profession

    $360.00 2 hours
  • psyche-and-eros-255x170 Shop

    Relationships & Sexuality

    $360.00 2 hours
  • modern-couple-255x170 Shop

    Composite Relationship for Existing Relationships

    $450.00 2 hours
  • Blue-Kali-255x170 Shop

    The Dark Sacred Goddesses

    $360.00 2 hours
  • Cycles-of-Shakti-Intensive-Focus-Reading-1-255x170 Shop

    Cycles of Shakti – Intensive Focus Reading

    $360.00 2 hours

Online Courses

  • Kali-Durga-Puja-cover-255x170 Shop

    Reclaiming The Deep Sacred Feminine

  • shiv-parvati_bliss-255x170 Shop

    The Astrology of Shiva / Shakti



  • Nataraj-255x170 Shop

    Shiva Meditation

  • Ceres-and-Pallas-Athena-255x170 Shop

    Reclaiming the Sacred Feminine Part I – The Asteroid Goddesses: Ceres and Pallas Athena

  • Juno-Vesta-Hera-255x170 Shop

    Reclaiming the Sacred Feminine Part 2 – The Asteroid Goddesses: Juno and Vesta

  • Lilith-Energy-Vampire-Succubus-Seductor-255x170 Shop

    Sacred Feminine Warriors: Medusa and Lilith

  • Golden-Durga-255x170 Shop

    The Dark Mother: Black Moon, Kali and Durga

  • Persephone-and-Hekate-255x170 Shop

    Underworld Guides: Persephone and Hekate

  • BlackMoon-255x170 Shop

    Introduction To The Dark Goddesses

  • Chiron-and-Dead-Poet-255x170 Shop

    The Great Healers: Chiron and Hygeia

  • FAA-1-255x170 Shop

    Interview with FAA President Ken Abraham

    $0.00 tribe-loading Shop

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Passion, Purpose, Promise – An Alchemical Experiential Life Visioning Workshop

July 28 @ 8:45 AM - July 29 @ 5:00 PM AEST

PASSION, PURPOSE, PROMISE -  A 2 Day Experiential Workshop Do you have a sense that there is a far greater purpose for your life than the way you are currently living? Are you connected to natural born gifts and yet struggle to express and manifest these fully in the world? These are questions that we all come to at some stage in our journey as we long for and strive to become more essentially ourselves. This workshop is deliberately aligned… daniel-sowelu-sky-gods-600x400 Shop

Sky Gods and Medicine Women

August 18 @ 8:45 AM - August 19 @ 5:00 PM AWST

Sky Gods and Medicine Women Connecting with Your Spiritual Power A Post-Eclipse Experiential Astrology Workshop August 18/19 Darlinghurst, Sydney The New Moon eclipse on August 11th carries with it a tremendous amount of power. This weekend workshop has been designed to help you capture and harness its transformative effects and then bring them more fully into your life. Sitting in the fire sign of Leo, the eclipsing Sun and Moon line up beautifully with the asteroids of Hecate, Pallas Athena… Sunrise-at-Saptashrungi-cover-600x400 Shop

The Sacred Marriage India Tour

October 5, 2019 - October 20, 2019

This tour and retreat is an opportunity to go into the heart of Indian culture to explore inwardly and outwardly the Shiva Shakti traditions of India as reflections of the different faces, the power and the joy of the sacred masculine and feminine within each of us. This is a particularly auspicious time to be in India to honour the sacred feminine as the tour coincides with Navratri, the 9 day festival to the goddess that happens once a year in this part of the country.

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