Individual Consultations


Individual Consultations with Daniel Sowelu


Daniel offers a variety of one-on-one experiences drawn from a wide variety of professional and personal experiences over 40 years of exploration. He can work on multiple layers within the client, emotionally, therapeutically, spiritually and intellectually.

He has worked as a counsellor, primal therapist, therapeutic astrologer and group leader for over 35 years, with men and women and in both men and women’s groups.

Currently he prefers to work in blocks of six sessions on specific themes in the person’s life.

These can be done either face-to-face or using Zoom, and in some circumstances via phone.

Please book in your initial 75 minute consultation below, and you will schedule the remaining 60 minute sessions at its conclusion.

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  • shiva-the-hindu-god-255x170 Individual Consultations

    Evolving the Exceptional Masculine Series: The Mars to Shiva Sessions – 6 Sessions

    $1,200.00 75 minutes
  • rose-255x170 Individual Consultations

    Reclaim Your Shakti Series: One on One Individual Coaching & Support – 6 Sessions

    $1,200.00 75 minutes
  • sunrise-255x170 Individual Consultations

    Soul Purpose Alignment Series – 6 Sessions

    $1,200.00 75 minutes
  • heart-fire-awakening-255x170 Individual Consultations

    One-Off Astrological Counselling: for immediate issues and challenges

    $220.00 75 minutes
  • heart-fire-awakening-255x170 Individual Consultations

    Ongoing Astrological Counselling: For Life Issues & Challenges (5 Sessions)

    $1,000.00 60 minutes
  • Ancient-zodiac-255x170 Individual Consultations

    One-Off Professional Supervision

    $220.00 75 minutes
  • Ancient-zodiac-255x170 Individual Consultations

    Ongoing Professional Supervision (5 Sessions)

    $1,000.00 60 minutes
  • Certificate-In-Experiential-Therapeutic-Astrology-255x170 Individual Consultations

    Trainee 1on1 Sessions

    $220.00 60 minutes

Professional Coaching with Chandu Bickford.

My partner, collaborator and group co-facilitator Chandu Bickford is available for ongoing business and life coaching to extend the fruits of your work with me. Click here for her professional background and experience, and book a complementary 30 minute discovery session.

  • purple-flowers-cover-255x170 Individual Consultations

    Discovery Session With Chandu Bickford