About Chandu Bickford


About Chandu Bickford

Starting Out ~

Chandu began her career as a nurse in the beautiful Blue Mountains near Sydney, Australia.

In her early twenties, she developed a strong inner desire to answer some of life’s bigger questions.

She set off on a seven month journey to the ‘developing world’.

This journey ended up taking 12 years and took her to some of the most difficult and remote places on the planet.


Journeys and Learning ~

From the high altitude plateaus of Tibet, and the open, wildlife-filled savannas of Africa, to the deserts of India and the endless mountains of Nepal and China, Chandu traveled, seeking out teachers and opportunities for learning about culture, diversity, change and divinity.

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New Eyes, New Beginnings ~

Eventually she settled in a tiny traditional East African village where she lived in a mud hut and toiled as local, fetching water and farming corn and beans for many years.

It was here, living intimately with the seasons and without even the basics of electricity, running water, transport or telecommunications that Chandu discovered her true love of business – by watching the local village women.

Over time, she created an international fair trade enterprise to support the impoverished villagers. This provided opportunities for local women to continue their traditional tribal arts and crafts while providing them with the much needed income to support their families.

To compliment her grass roots enterprise work in Africa, Chandu also established herself as a Cultural Educator in Australia – bringing African culture to Australian audiences in the Early Childhood Sector, Primary and High Schools. As a gifted, story teller, performer and educator, Chandu introduced and explored the challenging subjects of culture, diversity, inclusivity and prejudice through the fun and creative programs she developed.

Her love of business and communication found her engaging in further studies & she began a life that straddled two continents and two unique worlds of business, nature, art, change and communication.

Now ~

Chandu now lives in Australia full time. She continues to draw on her diverse life experiences of travel and time abroad to ever deepen her ongoing studies and work with individuals and groups as they navigate the new territory and times of change, risk and transition.

She is an avid and vibrant writer and poet, an engaging speaker and leader, a dedicated trainer and educator for business students, an advocate for the disenfranchised, a true lover of life and a believer in the deepest potential of anyone who really wants to try.

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“Today I learned that the world is an exciting, variable & imperfectly perfect place, filled with imperfectly, perfect people”

– Women’s Retreat participant, March 2017