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Experiential Astrology Workshops and Training


 “Daniel Sowelu is a wizard of the heart and soul, a pioneer of a new and ancient form of experiential astrology that can transform all those who open to it!”

~  Andrew Harvey, mystic scholar and author of 37 books.


“One of Daniel’s ‘tags’ in Perth was ‘the Chiron man’, in reference to his extensive work and study into the ‘wounded healer’ archetype of Chiron. His many workshops on Chiron were run with the greatest therapeutic care, boundaries and awareness of the psychological vulnerabilities that people would often experience during these healing and dynamic workshops.   Daniel’s genuine care and professional awareness of the complex dynamics of group work engendered trust and created a ‘safe place.’   His capacity to facilitate, teach and guide people through varying inner landscapes is outstanding.”

~ Robyn E Lee Dip Astro (FAA) Foundation Member of Association of Professional Astrologers

“Daniel’s training transformed my life. It helped me to let go and trust in life and myself. The experience was cathartic and took me deep within, peeling back many layers of guilt, shame and pain. It healed some of my deepest wounds and moved me into a space of self acceptance and love. Daniel has a presence where you feel safe, supported and validated. He is pioneering an amazing journey into the self.” 

~ Tracey Sanzone,  Counsellor and Therapeutic Healer

“I can truly say that participating in the Experiential Astrology Training was the most healing and transformative journey of my life. The breadth and depth of Daniel’s astrological and psychospiritual knowledge and wisdom provided a profoundly sacred and safe container in that enabled me to explore and open to a much deeper level of understanding of self and others. I feel deeply grateful to have had the experience of working with a healer and teacher who walks the path of the wounded healer with such integrity, heart and compassion, and being able to work as a practitioner of Experiential Astrologer is such a gift.” 

~ Dilara, Western Australia


Astrology Readings


“I offer my deepest thanks for the reading you provided.  It truly felt like an altered state while receiving the transmission of profound guidance.  So much clarification and confirmation of bizarre, multidimensional experiences and sensations I have been gradually integrating, with many intensely challenging periods, for a long time.  On every level, thank you so much for this gift.” 

~ Louise, Melbourne 2015

“The reading you did, is such a fascinating journey of past, present and future. With its many high’s and low’s, I aim to be more accepting of life as it comes. I’m looking more for the lesson than feeling like the victim. I am so impressed by your process of holding so much information, yet being able to decipher and deliver it in such an approachable and personal way.  I listen to the reading  at night before going to sleep and every time keep hearing new Insights. Ridiculously grateful!”

~ Amanda, Perth 2013

“Almost everything you said resonated strongly, except for the bits about some of the Gods/Goddesses because I have no knowledge of them.  I felt like you were talking in to me, and not to me.  I sat like a sponge on the chair, absorbing every word and listening with my heart.  It was emotional to hear you talk of the conception, of my birth, the trauma and also the positive energies around at the time.”

~Kate, Perth 2014

“I have been completely wowed by what you have to say and your interpretation has opened up avenues of awareness and thought that I would never have predicted and has explained so much about my interactions with the world and with myself, particularly in the area of relationship. Totally fascinating when you bring the asteroid goddesses into the picture. Their subtle power and mystery are already coming alive and I am already getting a sense of something new arriving. I can totally see how vital it is that I start embodying these powerful aspects of my chart.”

~ Caitlin Sydney 2016


India Goddess and Sacred Marriage Tours


​”Daniel Sowelu is a Practitioner, Teacher, Mentor of the Highest order. I cannot recommend him more. He carries great knowledge & mileage in his work … his love and quiet, but deeply held passion shines through in his every moment. His integrity shines and his care runs deep. Many kudos to you dear Daniel Sowelu.”

~ Juliet, 2015 Goddess Tour Participant, from Oregon USA

“Anyone who has thought of travelling to the motherland, or felt to really connect with the spiritual potential of their own God/Goddess essence, this is a profoundly enriching guided experience.  This tour is well organized, extremely supportive and experiential in all aspects. I have journeyed with Daniel on this tour and my soul has expanded profoundly as a result. I have a much deeper understanding and connection with both my inner masculine and feminine, and the powerful intimacy we all share with the ancient and sacred Gods and Goddesses.”

~ Jack Miller, 2015 Goddess Tour Participant, from Melbourne Australia

“​My trip to India with Daniel in 2015 was a gift to myself for my 50th birthday. I knew I was going to enjoy it because it promised a combination of a lot of things I love ~ experiential astrology, the fascinating country & cultures of India, time immersed in the presence of the Goddess, mystery and adventure! However, my experience far exceeded my expectations and I can honesty say it was one of the most powerful and significant journeys of my life.

From the moment we arrived in the village of Ganeshpuri, I felt at home, safe and welcome. Our lovely host family made us feel like family, and we were treated to their warm, generous hospitality with great care and love for our entire stay. I was delighted with their delicious home-cooked meals and the simple, comfortable accommodation. It was a joy to wake up in the morning to the sounds of the village stirring, to hear the buffalo herd moving through the streets and then to drink their fresh milk at breakfast time. I loved staying in the village and we got to spend good quality time there getting to know some of the locals, visiting local temples, witnessing village life, joining in with the local Navratri ceremonies and celebrations, including dancing in the streets at night. When we went walking into the countryside, I felt like I’d stepped into “The Jungle Book” and was able to connect deeply with the land. Swimming in the river was fun and the hot spring baths were a real treat!

It was a joy to travel with other pilgrims who were also on their own paths of healing and transformation. We shared a lot of laughs and learned a lot about ourselves and each other. Daniel prepared us well for our temple visits and it was wonderful to be immersed in the energies of the different Goddesses through chanting, meditation and experiential astrology sessions.  Daniel was also a fantastic tour leader. He generously shared his knowledge of Indian & Hindu culture, his passion for the deities was infectious, and his fearless dedication to the unique healing work of experiential astrology was a real gift as we explored the many faces of the Goddess. For me, the overall experience was deep, exhilarating, profound and liberating. I can’t recommend it highly enough!”

~ Anne-Marie Hoyne, 2015 Goddess Tour participant, Perth West Australia


Primal Facilitation For Practitioners Workshop


“​This training is for those practitioners and therapists who are committed to breakthroughs within and for truly facilitating their clients to make their own breakthroughs!”

~ ​Melanie Kearney Kinesiologist and coach WA

“​As a facilitator Daniel is gentle, subtle, generous and flexible in meeting the needs of all individuals in a diverse group and the group as a whole. In me he rekindled a curiosity for those parts of self known but somehow not used in this life and the courage to keep  feeling and exploring.”

~ Lou Grant Counselling Psychologist Fremantle WA

“What I learnt from this training weekend is that I have the courage to be with someone moving through deep pain, I learnt some helpful skills and that I can create the space and holding that enables my clients to trust their bodies to find their own resolution and freedom.” ! ​Helene Fisher groupleader, spiritual ecologist, director of Earthwell

“​At last I have found my Voice!”

~ ​Annacara Varley herbalist Mandurah WA

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