The Sacred Marriage


The Sacred Marriage


The Sacred Marriage is our inner masculine and feminine coming into an ecstatic union of individual wholeness and, is also a vision of the highest expression of human relationship, embodied in the Shiva Shakti traditions of India. Both are culminations of our spiritual and healing journeys and, of all our experiences along the way in our own individual relationship evolution. The Sacred Marriage is a natural outcome from reclaiming the sacred feminine and refining the sacred masculine.

As we get closer to this union we get to experience:

  • greater internal balance and wholeness bringing more flow and ease into our lives
  • our hearts freer of old shadows, fears and blockages, releasing us to be able to love fully, deeply, passionately.
  • greater understanding and flexibility in relating to the opposite sex
  • more ecstatic sex that intertwines with our spirituality
  • greater passion for life in general
  • deeper personal empowerment that energises our spiritual practices, healing work and desire to make a difference in the world, to become spiritual Warriors and sacred activist
  • the transformation of our primary relationship into a union of greater equality, mutual respect, passion and love and, as a vehicle and container for great healing.

What I can offer you in support on this journey is:

  • in depth astrology readings exploring the archetypes behind the sacred marriage and your own personal relationship evolutionary journey, making sense of all your relationship experiences
  • experiential workshops incorporating the sacred marriage, the Shakti goddesses and Shiva masculinity
  • online programs for preparing for the sacred marriage including Shiva Shakti meditations
  • meditations to invoke and awaken Kali, Lalita, Parvati and Shiva within
  • Sacred Marriage Tours in India and Shiva Shakti retreats in other locations. (In conjunction with my partner and co-facilitator Chandu Bickford)

Like many of you, I have had the full range of relationship experiences, good and difficult ones but once I became more consciously aware of the possibility for sacred marriage, it made more and more sense of all those experiences for me, spiritually, psychologically and from a soul perspective.

I love sharing this perspective and helping others find meaning to even their most painful experiences and to then to shine a forward-looking light on the possibility for ecstatic and life changing relationship.


Offerings For Embodying The Sacred Marriage

  • modern-couple-255x170 The Sacred Marriage

    Composite Relationship for Existing Relationships

    $450.00 2 hours
  • Kali-Durga-Puja-cover-255x170 The Sacred Marriage

    Reclaiming The Deep Sacred Feminine

  • psyche-and-eros-255x170 The Sacred Marriage

    Relationships & Sexuality

    $360.00 2 hours tribe-loading The Sacred Marriage

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The Sacred Marriage India Tour

October 5, 2019 - October 20, 2019

This tour and retreat is an opportunity to go into the heart of Indian culture to explore inwardly and outwardly the Shiva Shakti traditions of India as reflections of the different faces, the power and the joy of the sacred masculine and feminine within each of us. This is a particularly auspicious time to be in India to honour the sacred feminine as the tour coincides with Navratri, the 9 day festival to the goddess that happens once a year in this part of the country.

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