One on One Individual Coaching & Support

For Women, and Exceptional Men.

This series is a celebration of the sacred feminine, as well as an opportunity for purifying and awakening the different faces of the goddess within you. The program begins with identifying which goddesses are most active in your psyche at the time. From that information we then:

  • explore those goddesses directly using experiential astrology, meditation and mythology.
  • recognise and work with blockages and distortions to these aspects of the feminine.
  • create clearer pathways between lower and upper chakras to empower your spiritual and creative gifts.
  • release wounds to your sexuality, to awaken the purity of your organic sacred sexuality*
  • open to the wild goddesses of truth, justice and equality enhancing your voice in the world.
  • connect with the goddesses who helped create and set good quality boundaries.
  • call on the Great Mother to enhance feelings of safety, courage and feeling more at home in your own body and on the planet.
  • have opportunities to work with a wide variety of goddesses, dark and light. These include the Moon, Venus/Aphrodite, Ceres/Demeter, Juno, Pallas Athena, Vesta, Lilith, Diana/Artemis, Hygeia/Lalita, Psyche, Hekate, Persephone, Medusa, Black Moon/Durga, Kali and Parvati.

*Please be aware that this work is done archetypally and energetically, and do not include tantric sexual practices or taking your clothes off. Strict boundaries and integrity are adhered to in this extremely vulnerable territory

Reclaim Your Shakti Series: One on One Individual Coaching & Support – 6 Sessions

$1,200.00 75 minutes

For Women, and Exceptional Men.

Please book in your initial 75 minute consultation below, and you will schedule the 5 remaining 60 minute sessions at its conclusion.

Concession rates are available for select offerings upon request for suitable applicants - please complete this application form.

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