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My first response to looking at June’s chart is “Wow!” With the Sun, Venus and the magnificent Jupiter going into Gemini, there is more than a hint of an energetic spring, whatever hemisphere we are in. These will be followed by Mercury, the ruler of the sign, on the fourth, forming a collection that will lighten proceedings, give them more flexibility and dexterity, while amping up our nervous systems with the likelihood of things getting even busier mentally and on a day-to-day basis.

Superficially this looks great! But our way is also about deeper processes that coloured much of May becoming even more significant, with the transformative and spiritually powerful Grand Trine morphing into arguably the greatest astrological configurations, the Grand Sextile. This is where two or more grand trines overlap to form a star pattern, one of tremendous dynamism wrapped around by six interlocking sextiles.

June Has a Strong Relationship Focus! 


Sun conjunct Venus in Gemini

What a light-hearted, playful and socially interactive combination this is. As an air sign, Gemini comes to relationship like it does to everything else in life, through the lens of the mind and intellect. It can be light and breezy, verbally playful, with more than a little resonance with the adolescent god of love Eros. Unlike Juno, the traditional goddess of marriage who squares the Sun and Venus, this combination can also be relatively superficial, commitment phobic and yet in its own way still very loving.

There’s a positive energisation of the language of love, with Venus bringing her love of harmony and the creation of beauty to all communication, including to those of you who love poetry, writing and journaling.

Given the primal depths wanting all of us at this time, it’s great to have these two together to supply some light relief, a bit more detachment as well as positive and hopeful expectations that all be well. For those who have been struggling in the last months this can provide something of a relief from the intensity and pressure of this time.

Sun and Venus opposite Persephone in Sagittarius

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Moon conjunct Parvati in Pisces

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Mercury conjunct Uranus exactly in Taurus

This is where it is easy to imagine that each of us is growing antenna out of our craniums that act as lightning rods and receiving points for energy and knowledge beyond that of our rational minds and intellects. Uranus always adds a great deal more electrical voltage to both our nervous systems and to our chakras, in this case directly into an already mentally dynamic aspect of self.

This will open our minds to more diverse, innovative and original thoughts, ideas and inspirations, bringing feelings of greater mental and spiritual freedom, particularly from old static, rigid and patriarchal based beliefs and patterns. Uranus is a mixture of wizard, revolutionary and dramatic change agent that serves to liberate us from limitations we’ve absorbed and/or have habitually place on ourselves, on our creativity and our visions.

Mars conjunct Chiron and Hygeia in Aries

This conjunction can be seen as a culmination in the recent and mid-term focus in all of us, of healing and honing the fiery, passionate, pioneering and individualistic spirit of Aries. In this era of deep and dramatic change, with all its challenges and opportunities, the Ram is a proactive, crash or crash through energy of brash warrior qualities that seek to charge at the old. While he can lack subtlety and be rather egocentric, there is a pure spirit in him that embodies the notion that we are all on a hero’s journey towards both individuation and towards service. In his own unique way of course!

Hygeia conjunct Chiron in Aries Peaking June the 5th

I’ve been watching these two get closer together in the last month in anticipation in what is essentially a sacred marriage between the feminine and masculine faces of our inner healers. As I pointed out in earlier newsletters, while their ways of healing have a different orientation, they are brilliant compliments for each other.

I’m not going to say much more because we are having an evening online experiential workshop on the exact peak of their conjunction in June the 5th. Join us to connect with this sacred union of healing powers.

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Shiva conjunct Black Moon/Durga in Virgo

Yes, this deeper version of Shiva and Shakti relationship is still with us and is still at the pinnacle of a gracious and flowing Grand trine with Pluto in Aquarius, and the now Uranus/Mercury/Jupiter combination on the cusp of Taurus and Gemini. And contrary to my initial calculations, the Shiva asteroid and the Black Moon/Durga conjunction will stay within 2 to 3° of each other for all of June.

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Jupiter in Gemini!

Commiserations to all you Taureans out there and to the Taurean within each of us, the generally benevolent Jupiter has completed his 12 month transit of your sign and is now entered the considerably lighter and less earthbound sign of Gemini. It is the Twins time for their year-long transit.

As a sky god, an expander of consciousness, an emissary of hope, optimism and faith we could say that Jupiter fits well in many ways with Gemini. He will heighten the quality of thought, awareness and understanding to the sign, confer big picture perception beyond the day-to-day patterns of thinking and generally speaking, will bring out the very best in the sign, including its curiosity, playfulness, love of learning, mental dexterity and its sheer mercurial quickness of thought.

Whatever house or houses include Gemini in your chart will benefit from Jupiter’s benevolent for the next year.

Jupiter trine Pluto in early Aquarius, sextile Neptune in late Pisces

One thread of grace in this time of deep and unsettling change is that Jupiter expands our ability to trust, to feel safe, in order to be able to go with processes of personal transformation. In the lubricating not just the wheels of change, but in the case of Pluto (along with Shiva and Black Moon) the very wheels of karma. Such depth of change is always scary on some level but our ability to say yes, even when we are uncertain of the consequences, is expanded.

Jupiter sextile Neptune is one of the greatest alignments for classical spiritual growth, personal evolution and psychic development. It highlights the mystical qualities of both planets and heads that evolution towards that even greater Shiva consciousness. Subsequently, it is especially good for meditation, visualisation work, the use of chanting and mantra because it enhances our ability to open on these subtler levels.

May we all be receptive to that in our lives.

With love and blessings,